Why Shouldn't You HanD Wrap Pallets?

June 15, 2021 Written by Chris Amato


Wrapping pallets is critical for securing your loads and ensuring a safe arrival of your products. Many companies rely on workers to hand wrap their pallets, believing that this is the most cost-effective and simplest solution.

However, hand-wrapping pallets comes with a whole host of challenges that decrease efficiency and increase labor costs.

Robopac offers some insight as to some of the problems that come along with hand wrapping pallets:

Why You Shouldn’t Hand Wrap Pallets

The Containment Force is Wrong

Containment force is what holds your loads together – it’s increased by how tightly the wrap is secured as well as the number of rotations around the pallet. It’s critical for ensuring that your packages are secured together. When hand wrapping, it’s nearly impossible to get a consistent containment force each and every time. This leaves more room for error, which can be the difference between your shipment arriving safely and arriving damaged. An automatic stretch wrapping machine will deliver a consistent containment force each and every time.

The Wrapping is Inconsistent

When you’re relying on human hands, inconsistency is naturally going to occur. Your workers are going to wrap each pallet slightly differently, which can lead to more human error. One of the huge advantages of a stretch wrapping machine is that it will wrap consistently each and every time.

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Hand Wrapping is Costly

Many companies look at upfront costs and assume it will be cheaper to wrap pallets by hand, since hand stretch film is less costly than purchasing a machine. However, this is much less cost-effective for any company that routinely ships products and palletized loads. Your cost of human labor is much larger and takes your workers away from other tasks. Additionally, you end up paying more for stretch wrap in the long run because human workers will tend to use more wrap than machines.

It Can Be Hard on Your Workers

Hand wrapping pallets can be extremely taxing on your workers’ bodies. This repetitive task requires a lot of energy and strain, which can cause chronic injuries over time (and sometimes immediate injuries). Using a machine to do this repetitive task eases the load from your workers. It also improves efficiency, since a machine will be able to repeat the same output each time without tiring.

Why You Should Choose an Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

A stretch wrapping machine must be considered if you are wrapping more than 10-15 loads per day.

There are many benefits to investing in a new stretch wrapping system from PackEdge:

  • Lower labor costs and increased worker safety.
  • Find significant savings in film usage.
  • Consistent wrapping to reduce product damage.
  • Flexible wrapping solutions.
  • Ventilate loads on pallets with roping, netting or variable wrapping patterns.
  • See an immediate return on your investment.
  • Establish a smart manufacturing environment.
  • Monitor your machine performance.

Find Your Stretch Wrapping Solution 

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