Tips for Reducing Stretch Film Waste

September 14, 2021 Written by Chris Amato

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Stretch film is used by manufacturers, contract packaging, warehouses, and shipping departments on a daily basis, and it accounts for a notable percentage of waste each year. With that much waste going down the drain, it causes unnecessary costs to your packaging process. We’re here to help you in reducing your stretch film waste one package at a time.

Robopac offers some tips to help you reduce you shrink wrapping waste:

Invest in the Right Machinery

By only using packaging machinery that’s proven its efficiency and has top-rated reviews. Using semi-automatic stretch wrappers, will help you reduce waste by 30 to 55 percent. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but the reduced waste will save your company a significant amount of money.

Research shows that companies that use improper machinery waste thousands of dollars on stretch wrap each year – that money could be utilized in other parts of your company. You could use that money towards other items such as marketing, which will help you bring in consumers.

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Train Your Employees

Properly trained employees is another way you can reduce your film waste. Employees who understand how to operate the equipment efficiently so your pallet loads are not wrapped with more film than what is needed. Too much film is a waste, which is wasted money.

You can also train your warehouse employees on packaging weight and its effect on the machinery. Effectively communicate with your employees about reducing stretch film waste so it’s always fresh in their minds.

Start a Stretch Wrap Program

Another simple way you can reduce stretch film waste is through recycling.

First, employers need to conduct research and find local companies that’ll take excess stretch film. Once you locate a stretch film waste recycler, you can begin a recycling program within the warehouse itself.

Make it known how much your company is dedicated to this recycling program. Set a company-wide goal. Print out the numbers before you begin the recycling program. Evaluate how much stretch film is discarded prior to the recycling initiative.

Then, you can track the numbers as the months go by and see how much your company improves. Consider providing your employers with certain incentives if they follow the recycling program correctly.

Also, make things easier for your workers. Warehouse employees must handle multiple tasks at once; they likely don’t want to worry about reducing stretch film waste as well. So, make things easy for them and put recycling bins throughout the entire warehouse.

Hang posters around the manufacturing plant, too, so that people know how important it is to reach the company’s goal.

Taking part in these tips will get you on your way to increase your packaging sustainability in your packaging process. Creating less stretch film waste will help you company by reducing waste, in turn, reducing costs and saving you money.

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