Tips for Choosing Memorable Packaging

March 30, 2021 Written by Chris Amato


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As consumers are breaking records with online purchasing, they also have the opportunity to compare packaging of different retailers.

Consider how packaging impacts future purchase decisions, from the condition that products arrive to the perceived care taken in packaging the purchase.

Customers rate all aspects of their purchases, including the packaging and unboxing e

xperiences. How does your packaging influence online sales?

The Cost of Damaged Goods

After an order is placed, the customer awaits their purchase with high expectations. Everyone has read a disappointed customer’s 1 star review as a result of damaged products delivered. Not only is that customer unlikely to reorder, but bad reviews deter future purchases from other customers. Proper packaging is a subtle imperative to good customer service.

Oversized or irregular products often require special shipping. When selecting your packaging, consider what you want that material to do, how much you want to spend and how you will distribute your packaged items. Find your perfect packaging solution with this guide to choosing the best packing supplies.

Unbox the Experience

After you have determined the perfect packaging approach to get everything to the customer safely, now align the unpackaging to fit your brand. The idea is to make the unboxing as memorable as the purchase process, so the customer has a positive experience at every step.

How can your package not just arrive safely, but also stand out and create a compelling unboxing experiencing? Consider things like:

  • Packaging designed to keep your product secure as well as deliberately presented.
  • Printed product boxes that stand out
  • Thank-you notes or materials inside the package that include a message.
  • Aesthetically pleasing void-fill, like custom printed paper or inflatable cushioning.
  • Free samples or other small items that are printed with your logo.

All of these little touches can go a long way in standing out in your customers’ minds.

Sustainable Packaging

Exceed expectations by working with sustainability initiatives, include recycling instructions, or adding extras to the final product. For example, a local syrup company could plant for every purchase, wrap each glass bottle carefully and include recyclable cardstock syrup cocktail recipes.

Final Thoughts

Attention to detail in the packaging, is as important as the other stages of the customer experience. Customers expect excellence, which will translate to increased sales and an improved reputation as you create raving fans.

PackEdge prides itself on listening to it’s customers. Based on these conversations, the best packaging system and material solutions will be uncovered. These solutions will not only provide a product or a packaging system; but most importantly will deliver a competitive edge for its customers in the marketplace.

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