The Best Stretch Wrappers for the Woodworking Industry

May 11, 2021 Written by Chris Amato

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The woodworking industry requires special considerations and tools. It often involves packaging and shipping heavy objects – like pallets of wood – or uniquely-sized objects – like cabinets. What’s the best way to wrap these items? Today, we’ll break down the best stretch wrappers for the woodworking industry, so you can find the right tool for your application. 

Why Choose an Automatic Stretch Wrapper?

For most woodworking applications, an automated process makes more sense over hand stretch wrapping. Most woodworking companies routinely ship large objects and/or pallets. These are tedious and time-consuming to wrap by hand. 

Machine stretch film is usually the right choice if:

  • You routinely need to stretch wrap pallets. 

  • You ship items regularly

  • You need a flexible solution, so you can swap out the type of stretch film

  • You need to wrap heavy packages and pallets.

The Best Automatic Stretch Wrappers for Woodworking

For the woodworking industry, we recommend these three stretch wrappers from Robopac:


Total six sided wrap closing of the product provides product shock protection. Bubble wrap, foam or polyethylene reels cold packaging device. Compatible with Orbit and Spiror automatic horizontal wrapping machines. Manual solution available for Compacta Series semi-automatic horizontal wrapping machines.

Low energy consumption. Easy to use.

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The Pluripac M is a bubble wrap, foam or polyethylene reels cold packaging device that is compatible with new or already installed manual horizontal stretch wrapping machines.

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The Rotoplat 508 DW and DW/C are turntable stretch wrapping machines made to properly contain doors, windows, cabinets, and other finished and semi-finished products in this industry.

Available with manual product lock system (DW) or idle rollers conveyor (DW/C).

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Still not sure which stretch wrapping machine is right for your woodworking organization? PackEdge can help. PackEdge prides itself on listening to its customers. Based on these conversations, the best packaging system and material solutions will be uncovered. These solutions will not only provide a product or a packaging system; but most importantly will deliver a competitive edge for its customers in the marketplace.

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PackEdge Corporation is a wholesale distributor of packaging systems and consumable products. We offer packaging equipment solutions and consumable products including stretch wrap, void fill, shrink film and more.

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