Tips for Reducing Stretch Film Waste

Stretch film is used by manufacturers, contract packaging, warehouses, and shipping departments on a daily basis, and it accounts for a notable percentage of waste each year. With that much waste going down the drain, it causes unnecessary costs to your packaging process. We’re here to help you in reducing your stretch film waste one package at a time.

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What is Stretch Film Used For?

Keeping your shipments safe and secure during transit is one of the top concerns for most businesses. One of the most commonly-used products for this purpose is stretch film. But what is stretch film and what is it used for?

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How to Choose Between Hand Stretch Film and Machine Stretch Film

Stretch film is critical for wrapping products to secure them to each other and the pallet. Stretch wrapped loads are more secure during transportation. Stretch wrap provides containment for a variety of load shapes and sizes. When you’re shipping palletized products, stretch film is a necessity to avoid damage. There are two main categories of stretch wrap: hand stretch film and machine stretch film. If you’re not sure which one is right for your product, read on to learn the difference ...

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