Tips for Choosing Memorable Packaging

  As consumers are breaking records with online purchasing, they also have the opportunity to compare packaging of different retailers. Consider how packaging impacts future purchase decisions, from the condition that products arrive to the perceived care taken in packaging the purchase. Customers rate all aspects of their purchases, including the packaging and unboxing e xperiences. How does your packaging influence online sales?

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Guide to Choosing the Best Packing Supplies

The perfect packaging for your product does exist and we are here to help you find it. Deciding what is right for your operation is a careful consideration of budget, method of transportation, your customer and type of products. In this blog you’ll find all the considerations you need to make when trying to choose the best packaging supplies.

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How Custom Packaging Can Cut Costs

Nothing is more disruptive to the shipping process than oversized packages or odd-shaped items. How to ship these sorts of packages poses a problem. A common solution is to simply place the item in a larger box, overstuff with protective materials and hope for the best. Many business owners erroneously believe this method is more cost-effective than custom packaging because the upfront costs are lower.

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