The Benefits of Using a Case Packer Machine

Most industrial manufacturing plants deal with large-scale production every day. If you’re still relying on human labor for packaging, this can slow down your entire production and take employees away from valuable tasks.

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The Best Stretch Wrappers for the Woodworking Industry

The woodworking industry requires special considerations and tools. It often involves packaging and shipping heavy objects – like pallets of wood – or uniquely-sized objects – like cabinets. What’s the best way to wrap these items? Today, we’ll break down the best stretch wrappers for the woodworking industry, so you can find the right tool for your application. 

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Why Packaging Automation is Crucial for Pharmacies

COVID-19 has had a major impact all facets of life, but those in the healthcare industry have been particularly impacted. For pharmacies who have largely remained open throughout lockdowns and who are facing an increased demand for medication, spending time packaging products is a low priority. For these pharmacies, packaging automation can ease the load by handling the tedious process of packaging prescriptions. 

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