The Most Popular Automated Packaging Machines

July 14, 2021 Written by Chris Amato

a poly strap or strapping machine

Packaging automation can provide your company with more resources where it matters and will make your packaging process more efficient by cutting out the inconsistencies of human labor.

There are many types of machines in the industry, and they all provide you with benefits such as lower labor costs, consistent materials usage, reduced stress on employees, even improved production speed and quality control.

PackEdge carries the most popular automated systems in the industry. Each one serves a different goal. Read on to find the right automated packaging system for your needs.

Flexible Packaging Systems

Automatic bagging and form & seal fill systems can improve your production speed and reduce costs. PackEdge provides flexible and secure packaging solutions, you can find a variety of benefits depending on your packaging process.

Wrapping Systems  

Wrapping systems make it easier to secure packages together. Taking advantage of these systems can save your labor costs, film usage, and product damage. Additionally, you get more consistent packaging while establishing a smarter manufacturing environment. PackEdge provides a number of top tier machines for both shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping.

Carton Sealing & Case Erecting Systems 

Adding a case sealing system to your packaging line can increase your carton sealing rate, reduce tape costs and stop double taping. These systems are easy to install and operate and they easily fit into an existing packaging line. They’re relatively low maintenance and can easily be moved across packaging lines to make room for other operations using optional casters.

Wherever it’s a semi-automatic, automatic, random automatic system you can always benefit from implementing carton sealing or case erecting systems.

Packers, Palletizers, and Laser Guided Vehicles

PackEdge’s end-of-line solutions, from Robopac companies Top Tier and Ocme include some of the most sophisticated packers, palletizers, laser guided vehicles to give you that competitive edge. These automated tools make it easier to package items and transport them across a warehouse.

Coding, Printing & Labeling

PackEdge offers high performing labeling, printing, coding systems. The marking systems provide the technology, connectivity and control to help you to eliminate manual labor and save you money.

Protective Packaging Systems

The cost of broken or damaged product can be steep, but incorporating protecting packaging systems could save you the time and money. There are three types of protective packaging depending on the product:

Inflatable Cushioning: Cushioning systems still have their place in some applications. They offer attractive cushioning with different height levels, patterns and sizes that will protect your products. Load with ease and operate with a simple start/stop operator interface. This system will ensure that you are not using too much packaging material and that your package arrives at its destination safely.

Paper Wrapping, Cushioning & Void-Fill Systems: Lock an item in place with sustainable, light-weight paper void fill. Wrap an item in Geami WrapPak to protect it from minor incidents or for surface protection. Protect an item from an impact with paper cushions. Paper systems are changing packaging. User-friendly set up and operation allows for automatic, semi-automatic or foot pedal operation. Paper is ecofriendly, often made with recycled content and is easily recycled curbside so it won’t harm the environment.

If your organization uses packaging material in any way, you may benefit from a level of packaging automation. With many different packaging systems to choose from, you will be able to automate your packaging process.

Find the Right Equipment for Your Process: FREE Packaging Automation Checklist

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Manual packaging can be time consuming, expensive and cause extreme amounts of waste as well as costly labor expenses.

We created a checklist to help make the next step into automation simple. This checklist helps you identify where you should automate, what you should automate, and how to save money while increasing efficiencies in your process.

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