Guide to Choosing the Best Packing Supplies

February 8, 2021 Written by Chris Amato

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The perfect packaging for your product does exist and we are here to help you find it. Deciding what is right for your operation is a careful consideration of budget, method of transportation, your customer and type of products. In this blog you’ll find all the considerations you need to make when trying to choose the best packaging supplies.

Packaging Possibilities

There are nearly endless combinations of packaging supplies to choose from. Your customers rely on your packaging more than ever. When selecting your packaging, consider what you want that material to do, how much you want to spend and how you will distribute your packaged items. 

Your budget is might be a primary driver in how you will pack your products. No one wants to waste money on unnecessary or ineffective packaging when a better option is available. Traditional options like corrugated mailers and boxes and kraft paper sheets are low-cost and highly effective. Bubble wrap, void fill and foam wraps are protective packing options great for heavy, fragile or irregularly-shaped products.

Success is in the Details

When packing irregular-shaped items, breakables or others that need extra care, don’t forget to add the correct void fill to properly cushion and protect your packaged product. The proper void fill might seem to add to the overall cost initially, but could save you significant money in the long-run in product replacement, duplicate shipping costs and customer service issues if items are consistently arriving damaged due to improper packing. Make a list of requirements for packing your products individually, then determine your packing needs based on that.


Another important consideration in your packing decision process is your distribution. USPS, and private shippers like UPS have specific requirements for shipping packages. Consider how weight will increase the shipping costs significantly per unit. Sizing the carton, tube or box properly will also change the overall shipping cost.

The Final Step: Packaging Analysis

We are committed to finding the perfect packing solution for you. When you are questioning efficiencies in your packing and shipping process, let us complete a packaging analysis. Our experienced team will analyze your current packaging operation to identify any gaps between your current process – specifically your goals and objectives, current packaging process, and package design. We’ll look at all of the criteria mentioned in this blog article to suggest the best packaging for your product.

Packaging has an end to end impact on your bottom line, from labor efficiency, to product protection, to customer experience. Your customers expect their products to arrive without damage and respond to packaging that matches your branding. Perfect packaging is a key component of your success.

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