Be There Without Being There

March 4, 2020 Written by Chris Amato

Modern technology is everywhere. Video doorbell cameras allow us to see who is at our front door even though we may be hundreds of miles away on vacation creating a sense of safety. Cameras at daycares allow moms and dads to check in throughout the day while at work to see how their children’s day is going.

For your end of line packaging and shipping operation, most of us know that a problem has occurred when you hear that a machine is down from one of your operators. We know what our film costs are by comparing quarterly or even yearly expenditures or when we receive a report from our film sales representative.

Modern technology has now moved to your stretch wrapping operation. R-connect from Robopac USA, is a technologically advanced monitoring system that allows you to monitor your operation anywhere on any device. Simply download the R-connect app for performance monitoring/optimization, downtime reduction, upgrade performance, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, film usage statistics, and service ticketing. 

Performance monitoring includes details on how much film the machine is consuming. This can provide valuable insight in planning for film expenditures and to better understand if you are maximizing film usage per load. Data also shows the number of pallets wrapped, how long the machine has been in run status to better understand usage and potential upcoming servicing needs, and film break data to better understand how the machine is meeting your uptime and performance expectations.

If the machine has a problem that stops production, the machine itself will send an SMS message directly to your dealer technician who sees the problem on the Rconnect platform. The technician immediately troubleshoots the problem and if it is not solvable remotely arranges a service visit.

In the unlikely event that performance upgrades are desired, an “on demand Robopac USA dealer” will simulate a wrapping cycle on a product like the customer’s product in Robopac USA’s TechLab. Then, thanks to the Rconnect platform, Robopac USA can upgrade the machine software with the remote connection.

Predictive maintenance checks the motors current absorption. The end user or dealer will be able to do a mechanical maintenance check. Thanks to knowing the number of wrapped pallets, it is possible to intervene in advance on worn out parts, such as turning plate support wheels.

Remote monitoring allows the end user to check whether their machines are ok (green light), or momentarily in alarm (red light).

Usage statistics provide the ability to quickly see the number of wrapping cycles performed by the machine. The number of wrapped pallets on display allows the end user to process statistics on their machines.

The future is now. Monitor and improve your performance with Robopac USA’s R-connect remote assistance.

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