6 Tips for Increasing Efficiency in Your Packaging Operation [Infographic]

April 29, 2021 Written by Chris Amato

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Packaging is a necessary step in most warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers, but it’s also an enormous operation itself. With such a huge variety in packaging equipment,  supplies and needs – not to mention various teams working in the same area – it can be easy to lose efficiency. 

These six tips on increasing packaging efficiency from Robopac USA will help you optimize your operation. If you’re interested in a Robopac machine, PackEdge will match you with the perfect machine for your needs. View our equipment selection to learn more.

6 Tips for Increasing Efficiency in Your Packaging Operation

an infographic showcasing how to increase efficiency in your packaging operation. accessible text describing the information in the infographic is below this image.

Source: Robopac USA

How to Increase Your Packaging Efficiency:

  1. Start Palletizing Your Loads – Palletizing your shipments cuts down on load times, improves safety and eases physical strain on your workers.
  2. Automate Your Palletization Process – Instead of wrapping pallets by hand, invest in an automatic palletizing machine.
  3. Automate Your Stretch Wrapping Process – Stretch wrapping by hand is ineffective, costly and inconsistent. Investing in an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrap machine will reduce these issues.
  4. Take Advantage of Remote Monitoring – Robopac USA machines come with R Connect – a technology that allows you to monitor performance remotely. It allows for access to the machine’s performance data and alerts any time, from anywhere you are.  
  5. Enjoy the Benefits of Cube Technology – Robopac USA machines also utilize Cube Technology, which ensures your machine delivers the exact right amount of stretch film at the exact right position with the exact right amount of containment force.
  6. Improve Organization at Your Facility – A lot of time is wasted looking for the right tool or battling a disorganized software system. Taking the time to ensure that everything is organized and your team is on the same page will drastically improve your efficiency.

PackEdge prides itself on listening to its customers. Based on these conversations, the best packaging system and material solutions will be uncovered. These solutions will not only provide a product or a packaging system; but most importantly will deliver a competitive edge for its customers in the marketplace.

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